Tesla Stock Price Prediction 2024

hey everyone I’m changing the format of my stock price prediction videos make my much more Compact jam-packed and straight to the point let me know what do you think about this new format in the comment section this video I’ll do.

Tesla Stock Price Prediction 2024

Tesla and I’ll update my stock price prediction for Tesla in 2024 so let’s get right into it all right so one of the measures I’m going to need to make this stock price prediction is Tesla’s earnings per share estimate for for 2025 which has now come all the way down to $3.33 per share down from $416 per share just 60 days ago so the $33.33 will be what I’m using for my price prediction I’ll also need Tesla’s.

Forward price to earnings ratio right now it’s at 48.61 I’ll need this ratio as well and the current Tesla stock price at $178 per share so you’ll see my previous 2024 stock price prediction for Tesla.

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Was 125 to $165 per share I’ll be updating that in this video If Tesla’s forward PE ratio Remains the Same at 48.6 and the earnings per share Remains the Same going into 2025 at $3.33 then Tesla stock price could be $162 by the end of this year now .

You’ll see that would be down from $178 where it’s currently trading at so that would mean something needs to change for Tesla stock . investors to experience a return on investment this year and I think that’s going to come

from a rising forward price to earnings ratio Elon Musk has always done an excellent job hyping up the stock getting investors to pay a premium price for an electric vehicle company selling it as an artificial intelligence company gaining it a premium valuation I think that Trend will continue in 2024.

I think Elon Musk will continue to increase enthusiasm for something in the future whether it be whether it be artificial intelligence driverless cars or a cheaper model I think Elon Musk will be able to boost the valuation and a forward PE of 60 might seem reasonable compared to where it’s at now at 48.6 if that were to be the case then the stock price could rise to $199 per share by the end of the year.

However if the forward PE were to decrease if investors start to lose hope in the future and start to really look at the company and say man you guys have been promising all these things but under delivering maybe we don’t want to be a part of this story anymore and the

forward PE Falls the stock price could fall to $133 per share if the forward PE Falls to 30 the stock price could could fall to $99.90 a scenario which I don’t think is very likely I don’t think investors are going to lose hope in Tesla stock so I think the price will be somewhere in the range of the forward PE of 48 and 60 and so I’m updating my 2024 price target for Tesla stock increasing the potential value instead of 125 to 165.

I now think it’ll be between 165 and 185 by the end of the year.

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